Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Beginning

I think I title most of my first posts the Beginning, how unoriginal of me. I know, but it is the beginning of my journey down this path. I have wanted to start a book review blog for a while.. and then I get lazy or something and never make it there.
Im gonna try to post daily.. and review more then once a week.. but I truly cant make any promises. Life sometimes gets in the way.

Well a bit about me. My name is Traci. Yet a lot of people call me Kitten.. most people I'm close to call me Kitten or Rayne.. so you can call me any, all or Hey you.. I'm not really picky. I love to read, been reading since I was barely out of diapers. Now I'm in my 20's and have a a vast love of books. I prefer thriller, fantasy, paranormal, paranormal romance, romance, drama, chick lit and just about everything. I'm willing to pick up just about anything.

I'm gonna try to review different genres and newer and older books every week so you have a chance to look at everything.. get to know a little bit from each world.

Books give you the chance to live outside your life for a short while. It's probably one of the reasons I like them so much.

Some of my favorite writers include George R R Martin ( i will review Dance with Dragons on its release date cause Im gonna get it bright and early.) Terry Goodkind, Angela Knight, Nicholas Sparks, David Eddings, Danielle Steel, just to name a few.

So expect a post tomorrow most likely not a review but at least a little something to get you paying attention.

Read a fairy tale .. let life be adventurous for a day.


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