Friday, April 1, 2011

Looking to have me review?

If you'd like for me to review a book then you may email ebooks to me at or you can send an email to me and ask for my mailing address if you'd like to send a real copy of the book. If you'd like for my review to be put up on my blog on a certain date then please make sure you let me know this, as well. Please give me a couple of weeks if you'd like it reviewed by a certain date. I am willing to review everything. Please when emailing me put in the Title Book for review.. or something like that.. so I dont miss it.

Ebooks and old paper books are both fine with me. I have a amazon kindle that I use to read ebooks, which means I can read any form of ebook. I prefer kindle versions, but .pdf is also fine... but I can make other forms work. I prefer non ebooks only cause then I can carry then with me when I'm out, but I won't turn down a ebook.

I review books honestly, and whether I pay for them, they are sent to me, or I rent them from the library it will not affect the review. I will try to say nice things about books I don't particularly like. I figure you can always find at least one good thing to say about anything. But know I will be honest in how I write my review, since they are my own words and opinions.

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