Friday, April 8, 2011

G is for Glamourous

I think when I first started reading thats what I was looking for, characters who led glamourous lifes.. who could afford all the things in life that I couldn't. Now I always find characters that wear $300 dollar shoes a different pair every night of the week to seem a tad unreal unless the character has a real reason to have the bank to roll that kind of life.
I love the glamour of a book. The characters and their soiree's and lives with things I can only dream of. It's nice to be taken to a world for a short while that has nice clothes, cars, people instead of my normal clothing, shoes, used car life. Not that I'm complaining I love the people in my life :)


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  1. Nice choice for the topic. I've never thought about a book in the light of glamour so it's an interesting approach but it makes sense with certain books and character in particular.

    Dawn's Writing Blog