Monday, October 17, 2011

Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott

I bought this like 2 weeks ago and had been checking the mail everyday since..and finally it arrived today and since I'm super sick. I figure might as well lay down and read. This book first off is a super quick read. So if you like something on the slightly morbid a little bit intense you might want to search this book out.

Living Dead Girl was a 2009 ALA Best Book for young adults and has been picked for a ton more awards. I can truly understand why. It's a very intense novel.

The story is of 15 year old "Alice" who was kidnapped by a man at 10 years old and it's written from her point of view telling you not only about her life now but the last 5 years she has endured. As you read you feel pain for this little girl who is dead inside, who longs for freedom but believes there is no escape. You feel hatred towards the man who has taken her and made her to believe all the things she now holds as truth in her life.

I don't want to give away too much about the story because its just so unbelievable at times and so heartbreaking that I want you to pick it up yourself and go through all the emotions the writer has been so good to portray.

I can't imagine the pain and despair she feels it's so moving. I was so mesmerized by the book I just had to read it cover to cover. It's definitely something you want to pick up if you are on the intense side of enjoyment in reading.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lush by Natasha Friend

So for Banned Book Week I ended up winning the book Lush by Natasha Friend. A book I have been interested in picking up for a while. The book is a real quick read.

The character is from a family where her father is an alcoholic and she is looking for someone who can relate and talk to her. She starts writing notes to another girl in the library asking for help. It's a coming of age, coming to realize about life story.

At the beginning of the book Sam makes some comments about realizing she's growing into becoming a woman.. I think a lot of woman can relate to and remember noticing..
For me at least, I was 5'1 69 lbs up until high school, I was a runt basically. I hit high school and grew 2 inches and gained some weight and filled out.. and I spent the next 4 years trying to make guys not notice me. I was so uncomfortable in my skin.

Excerpt : From that moment on, I have made a point to ignore my body. Clothes: the baggier, the better. Need to be naked? Lights out.

That was me. I grew out of it.. but it surely rang true for me.

I really like the way you hear the story from what feels like a 13 year old girls point of view. I don't want to ruin the 2 big shockers in the story so I won't tell you much about the rest of the story.. but really it's a quick read and if you've dealt with alcohol or addiction in your family you can definitely relate.. or even just been an awkward teenager trying to fit in.

I liked the book. It's simple to read and narratively intriguing. I'd say if you pick it up and are at all interested give it a chance. You might enjoy it

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Extra Time

Today I had some extra time and ended up waiting at Barnes and Nobles are 3 hours.. so I wrote down the name of every book I want to read in the Paranormal YA section. I made a list of like over 50 books.. but it was interesting to see so many books I want to read but haven't got the chance to yet.

Fins are Forever is on that list. The book looks really great and for even more excitement the book is about mermaids. I love mermaids.

I can't even list here all the books, but tonight I'm going to add them all to my amazon wishlist so I can track the prices as I go.

In other news Nicholas Sparks new book came out today. "The Best of Me" I am looking forward to it. I can't wait to get my hands on it. Might grab it while I am out tonight.

Other then that read the first story in the new George R R Martin editted short story book, "Down These Strange Streets". The story by Charlaine Harris. I liked the characters and the setting a party. Definitely interesting and worth picking up since it has multiple authors of note in it.. off the top of my head Patricia Briggs, Diana Gabaloon, Carrie Vaughn and so many more.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


I finally got a kindle.. and it is full already of books I want to be reading.. so as I polish them off expect reviews.. This weekend is pretty full, my bestie from high school turns 26 on saturday and on sunday I'm going to Disney on Ice.. with one of my favorite people. So not much reading will be getting done.
But Torment the 2nd book in the Fallen series is sitting at my mothers house waiting for me.. so hopefully I can get in a bit of reading while I am out and about this weekend.

Look for posts and enjoy your week.