Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lush by Natasha Friend

So for Banned Book Week I ended up winning the book Lush by Natasha Friend. A book I have been interested in picking up for a while. The book is a real quick read.

The character is from a family where her father is an alcoholic and she is looking for someone who can relate and talk to her. She starts writing notes to another girl in the library asking for help. It's a coming of age, coming to realize about life story.

At the beginning of the book Sam makes some comments about realizing she's growing into becoming a woman.. I think a lot of woman can relate to and remember noticing..
For me at least, I was 5'1 69 lbs up until high school, I was a runt basically. I hit high school and grew 2 inches and gained some weight and filled out.. and I spent the next 4 years trying to make guys not notice me. I was so uncomfortable in my skin.

Excerpt : From that moment on, I have made a point to ignore my body. Clothes: the baggier, the better. Need to be naked? Lights out.

That was me. I grew out of it.. but it surely rang true for me.

I really like the way you hear the story from what feels like a 13 year old girls point of view. I don't want to ruin the 2 big shockers in the story so I won't tell you much about the rest of the story.. but really it's a quick read and if you've dealt with alcohol or addiction in your family you can definitely relate.. or even just been an awkward teenager trying to fit in.

I liked the book. It's simple to read and narratively intriguing. I'd say if you pick it up and are at all interested give it a chance. You might enjoy it

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