Friday, April 8, 2011

Mixed Blessings by Lainey Baincroft Review

I received this book from an author and asked for nicely for a review. So this is the next book I am reviewing.

The synopsis on

Daniela Blessing’s ability to see crimes through the eyes of victims is a mixed blessing. She thinks she’s a handmaiden of Fate, but when Vincent Gabriele accosts her one sunny morning he calls it eye for an eye justice. He’s willing to keep her secrets—if she helps him. Despite his blackmail tactics, Danni would help, except her psychic abilities evaporate whenever Vincent is around. As truths emerge unlocking Vincent’s past, some of Danni’s history is also revealed. They’ve been intrinsically tied in the past, and their future is about to become a Destiny neither of them expected.

My Review. 4/11 - have severe food poisoning.. so blogging will be on hold.. except my extremely short a-z posts so i dont get behind..
Going to say that just the description caught me. definitely looks like something I would be interested in reading. Come back by shortly.. for my review :)

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