Saturday, April 21, 2012


Alrighty so last year I went and was underwhelmed with my experience, but this year I went with that in mind and decided I was going to have a nice time. Let me tell you I had a fabulous time. I talked to lots of people at different booths, got books signed, met folks, took tons of pictures. I even saw John Cusak, swoon.. He's one of my favorite actors, I think he's just beyond amazing.

I got to meet a lot of up and coming authors and talk to them, even tonight picked up a book by one to read this week. I also got to talk to different publishers. I got to do a bit of networking, which was really nice for me. I also have a book to giveaway signed by the author so look for that post coming up soon.

Picture of John Cusak

I got a little bit sunburned but that is totally my fault. Silly me.

So look forward to posts about the books I am reading because of the festival and other excitement coming up.. I have a Kindle full of books so lots of reviews to be coming your way.

Take Care my Bookworms,


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