Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Festival of Books Followup

I was rather sad about the Festival of Books this year.. I walked around most of the Festival and didnt really see any booths for paranormal romance, teen paranormal it was few and far between other then big book sellers or small book shops that might have had a book or two.. I found mostly religious booths and memoir booths. I left with quite a few memoirs that look interesting to me signed by the authors.. but nothing in my reading genre other then a bookmark for a sci fi book.

I did win a set of tickets to see a play at the Kirk Douglas Theatre in LA.. and lots of people loved my cat outfit and I got lots of walking in.. so it wasnt a waste of a day, but certainly my excitement for the show was not anywhere near what it ended up being.

I also won something from Focus Features.. but I got a text from them as I drove up into my Nans's driveway to have dinner with her so I wasnt going to go all the way back and park, dont even think I could have made it back in the 15 minutes til it closed to get it.. so I was a little bummed about that..

But all in all underwhelming but a nice day because I got to talk to writers, look at books, and see family.

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