Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dying Memories by David Zeltzerman

I won a contest last month where I could choose any two books from a certain publisher, and I choose this book cause it looked interesting. I will say though not paranormal, it was enjoyable and a fun fast paced read.

The story is a thriller about a journalist who happens across a story much bigger then himself and the world around him. It's face paced and twisted as you follow along with his trying to out a company with more spooks and people working for them then he can keep up with.

I loved the characters conviction and the fact that everyone around him is believing he is slowly falling into madness. I love watching it from both sides cause you know the character is on the right path, yet you are only half sure because the book constantly puts doubt in your head. I enjoyed the ride.

The book is full of action, suspense, twists and turns and lots of fun spy paranoia.

Definitely pick this book up. It's a fun read if you like this sorta thing :)

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