Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Scarlet by Marissa Meyer a review

Now I will admit. I didn't know that this one was going to be a Red Riding Hood story. So I was pleasantly surprised when I realized it as I started reading. I love the entertwining stories of Red's search for her Grandmother and Cinder's escape from Prison.


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    Thanks for dropping by my blog and understanding my 'fantasy' side buahahaha. Wow you are such an avid reader and this one is actually about Red Riding Hood and Cinder? That's really interesting to know! How's the language of the book like? Like those complicated old English wording or like Hunger Games type of wordings?

    And where in the world do you get all this books? That's really awesome! <3

    I've followed you so that I can catch up with your next book review >D Would be really happy if you could follow me back too (asking shamelessly :P)


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