Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lucy in the Sky by Anonymous Review

I picked this up because its from the same publisher as Go Ask Alice, Jay's Journal and the rest in the series. It's true journals written by teenagers going through stuff in their life that is interesting to see what happens and what makes them feel the need to be where they are.

This one is about a girl who gets caught up in drugs, alcohol and the scene, slowly moving from light stuff to harder and harder things. You get to watch her devolve and lose control, sadly you get to see the way other addicts react to situations and the way a life can be lost over the need and desire to fit in somewhere.

It's very poignant. I'm not going to comment on the writing, because when the girl was writing this she had no idea she would someday be published. It's a good story though, sadly a true story. You don't want to see the people in your life caught up in this way.

If you have read the others, pick this one up its good, heartbreaking and reminds you we all have problems, friends with problems, people we love with problems and you can't always help them no matter how hard you want to.

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