Thursday, October 25, 2012

As You Wish by Jackson Pearce Review

I am really digging Jackson Pearce. I am sad I didn't know about her sooner. Today I'm gonna tell you about As You Wish. Her Jinn inspired story of star crossed lovers and the choices we make.

Our main character is Viola who has broken up with her boyfriend and is feeling lost and wanting to fall in love again. Enter Jinn our genie sent to grant her 3 wishes. They spend some time together and of course like all good stories start to fall for each other.

The book takes turns each chapter changing point of view from Viola to the Jinn. I loved the relationship between the Jinn and Viola.. the budding romance, the way they both aren't sure of their feelings. It's fun like high school love all over again. That excited but nervous feeling when you haven't really been a part of the dating world.

My next favorite character is Viola's ex boyfriend/best friend Lawrence. He is well written, dealing with trying to be friends with an ex and trying to do things to make her happy because he cares about her and wants her to be happy. You can see his struggle and his torment. Pearce did a great job of making him not only believable but relateable.

The story is fun and enjoyable to read. It's definitely a quick read for a nice winter night. You can pick it up at your local bookstore, amazon or where ever you get your books.

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  1. Ooooh! What a fun story! This is one I have to check out. Thanks for the review.