Thursday, January 17, 2013

Carnival of Souls by Melissa Marr

I got this for my kindle the other day, because I had heard good things about Melissa Marr and it was on sale. So I thought why not? (Even though I had 12 library books and had just 25 books.. but still lol.)

Amazons blurb :

In a city of daimons, rigid class lines separate the powerful from the power-hungry. And at the heart of The City is the Carnival of Souls, where both murder and pleasure are offered up for sale. Once in a generation, the carnival hosts a deadly competition that allows every daimon a chance to join the ruling elite. Without the competition, Aya and Kaleb would both face bleak futures—if for different reasons. For each of them, fighting to the death is the only way to try to live.

This book is about fighting for what you want. Our story is 2 sided about a girl in hiding that doesn't know the truth being raised by a witch. And about a fighting game that the victor comes out to get a say in government, where you can be a nobody with nothing, or someone from a good family. So our characters are all types.

We have Mallory a young girl living with a witch constantly training for the day the daimons will come to kill her. She doesn't know that the daimons are after her and not her witch father Adam. She starts to fall for a boy she meets and has no idea that he has been sent there to find her.

I really liked the story. If had twists, some I didn't even see coming. It was very enjoyable.

4/5 for sure a book to pick up.

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