Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Rape Girl by Alina Klien a Review

I know what you think when you see the title, and I think not everyone would pick it up based on the title. I saw this available for review on Netgalley and I just had to review it. It's a cord that really strikes deep with me. I have a past that haunts me and I know a lot of people do. We can't control the things that happen. We can only learn from them and move on and try to pick up the pieces that are falling apart.

This book leans on the world of what can happen when you report a rape. The sad fact that the act itself is not always as horrifying as the events and the reactions after the fact. This book deals with the strength it takes to come forward. I never did. There was too much going on in my world and I shut down. So the book rings for me a truth that I would have liked to taken part in. Even if it meant all the different ways my life could have changed.

The characters are well written, understandable. You care about them, you are angry at them. You feel sorrow and loss for our main character. Its a tough read with a touchy subject but a good read.

Its available for purchase right now on amazon.

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